How Covid Affected Alexis Spier Freshman Year

After the following covid year I got the chance to talk about how it went for Alexis Spier.

 She explained how it affected her learning as she was doing fine with in person classes before. “I went from having all A’s for the most part in school to almost failing some classes online. It was harder when I would be at home or in my room because then I didn’t want to do my homework.” 

Along with this, the social aspect of college was a little different. Alexis explained how on the weekend, there didn’t seem to be too many people out. “People on teams didn’t want to go out and get the chance to be quarantined or get covid. No one wanted to miss games so not a lot of people went out all the time.” 

For the basketball team, Alexis didn’t think much was different once covid got around. That is other than getting tested. Alexis was tested around 11 times for the basketball season, mainly around the playoffs. She explained how the threat of getting sent home wzs frustrating. 

With Morningside being a relatively small school already, covid took a hit on the social aspect for sure.  Alexis however, shared how the basketball team and herself wasn’t affected much throughout the covid season. Maybe this year she’ll get tested a few less times.