Setting Up an Art Show
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Setting Up an Art Show

By Tracie Tuttle–Setting up an art show is more than just hanging art on a wall, it includes a lot of preparation, organization, and patience. The artist has to consider so many different things, like the visual dynamic of the gallery, lighting, and the use of wall space. Senior art students have been experiencing this process first hand as they set up their senior shows.

Megan Stoberl, a senior photography major who presented her show earlier this semester, said that the process starts with a lot of thought and figuring out how you want to put your show together – for example: whether or not there is a theme, which art works you want to use, or even something as simple as label design.

Before any art is hung on the wall, all art and photos have to be mounted or matted, which Stoberl said took her at least eight hours. In total, she spent a minimum of 72 hours figuring out the layout and the content. This isn’t including the time she spent planning her reception.

Stoberl described the process of setting up a show as “stressful and taxing” but in the end, very rewarding. She went on to say “For the last four years, you work hard to develop your personal style and it’s nice to see your work displayed for everyone to see.”

Rae Clinkenbeard, another art student who has experience setting up her own photography show, said that it is important to “consider how much of your work will fit in the space.” She also pointed out that if you have time, creating a plan for the layout of the gallery space and where each piece will go will help when it’s time for the art to be hung.

The next time you go to an art show, make sure you take notice of how the art is displayed and know that a lot more effort and planning went into the show than just the art work itself.

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April 18, 2019