Sophomore Review in Progress
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Sophomore Review in Progress

By Tracie Tuttle–Over the past few weeks, 2nd-year art students learned what it’s like to present their art at the annual Sophomore Review. Matting, mounting, hanging, and displaying are just a few challenges of the annual Sophomore Review.

Similar to past Sophomore Review shows, Eppley Art Gallery is packed full of diverse art from very different artists. This year’s show is composed of a combination of paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, graphic design, and other media.

In addition, each artist has their major and favorite quote featured on the wall to the left of the door, which allows the visitors to get a better idea of the artists and their work.

The Sophomore Review allows art students to display their artwork from freshman and sophomore year and receive feedback from professors. The professors use this feedback when they look at the student’s senior art show to evaluate how they have progressed through their time at Morningside.

One question Lesley Valerio Chairez, one of the students featured in the show, had to ask herself was, “How does it [her art] look on a wall [in the gallery space] compared to how it looks in a classroom?” She found it was difficult but exciting to see her area of the gallery transformed into a completely different space through a clever display of her work.

Valerio Chairez is already looking forward to her senior show and is ecstatic to fill the space with giant sculptures that will make the space “feel less like a gallery and more like a different world.”

Makaelyn Glienke, who is also featured in the show, has a slightly different experience. Glienke is currently a junior. “My current work is so different now compared to what it was a year or two ago. Looking back at what I’ve done and seeing how my work style has evolved is very interesting.” She went on to say she mainly works in photography now, while in this show, Glienke has pieces from design, graphic design, and beginner’s photography classes on display.

The ten artists featured in this year’s Sophomore Review are Abby Koch, Anna Uehling, Emma Schmitz, Tani Russell, Lesley Valerio Chairez, Courtney Klocke, Ben Hieb, Makaelyn Glienke, Missy Gillette, and Riley Custer.

The Sophomore Review show is open until Thursday, January 31, in the Eppley Art Gallery.

Also, don’t forget to check out the Student Art Show that will be on display starting Tuesday, February 5.

January 28, 2019