Morningside senior makes his pitch
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Morningside senior makes his pitch

unnamed(11.29.16) By Alyssa Nehring–Josh Doering, a senior, recently traveled with the Entrepreneurship Group (E-Group) to Tampa for the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) National Conference during Oct 27 through 29. The CEO conference focuses on leadership, networking, and providing models for students to one day be their own bosses throughout all industries.

However, this trip was not just about the conference for Doering.

Doering entered his startup, the Seed Slide, into the 2016 Pitch Competition. This year’s pitch competition brought in 60 students ready to pitch their startups for a prize of $3,500. The pitch had to be 90 seconds or less. Doering explains, “The pitch had to convince the judges that my company was the most investable idea in the competition.”

Doering’s product solves a problem that he and his family face frequently. As farmers they are required to climb on top of seed boxes to unload the seed. However, Doering’s product, The Seed Slide, eliminates the need for farmers to climb on top of the wagons. “I saw that there needed to be a change. I teamed up with my neighbor who has manufacturing and engineering experience to make the idea become a reality,” explain Doering.

Together they created The Seed Slide, which is a remote control pro box opener. It allows them to remotely unload the wagon from the seat of their forklift. Shark Tank’s Daymond John called it “a can opener for seed boxes”.

“Entering into the completion was an opportunity to tell people about my product, the networking that goes on at the event, and the possibility for $3,500 dollars to further my company,” explain Doering.

Throughout the conference the different stages of the competition took place. The process started with five sections of 12 contestants in each. The first pitch was given Friday throughout the day. Twelve semifinalists were chosen and pitched their startups Saturday morning. The group of 60 was quickly condensed down to six finalists. The finalists then presented to the judges Saturday night and the winner was announced at the end of the conference during the closing program.

Doering is the first Morningside student to compete in this pitch competition. The Morningside business department was very proud of the progress Doering has made throughout his time at Morningside. Department chair, Pam Mickelson remember Doering’s first pitch of The Seed Slide. “He rewrote his pitch on the way to the conference,” Mickelson says, “The product never changed, but Josh’s approach did.”





November 29, 2016