M’side Students Share Research

By Amanda Franzen–Morningside students will present their research on the Morningside campus.  The seventh annual Palmer Research Symposium will be held April 14, 2010.

The Palmer Research Symposium is a celebration of the work students have completed in many of their academic classes or independent ventures.  It provides a chance for students to present both empirical and non-empirical research to students and faculty.  The events last from 8am to 5pm with numerous panels, oral presentations, and poster demonstrations throughout the day.   Classes are cancelled during this time to encourage students to present and attend presentations.

“This is great experience because I will more than likely present at larger conferences and this experience will be excellent practice and a learning experience,” said Becca Anderson, junior and first-time presenter.  “I’m not the best at public speaking, so I always look forward to the opportunity to try to better myself and hopefully I’ll get over my fear.”

Students cans share their work through an oral presentation, a poster demonstration, or a panel discussion. Oral and poster presentations will be judged in similar categories. Students have the option of submitting fall and/or spring projects during the open submission period

“I am a very opinionated person, and this is such a great opportunity to put in my two cents about a particular topic. I also love teaching people about different literary elements such as symbolism, writing styles, motifs, and so much more” said Kelsey Kalloff, sophomore and veteran presenter.  “I really feel I am gaining experience as a future professor by teaching my audience something new about my particular piece. Palmer is a fabulous resource for Morningside students, and I hope it continues to thrive!”

Many majors including English, computer science, psychology, history, business, and several others will be participating in the event.  Some of the topics include: Experiencing Virginia Woolf; Robot Wars; The Influence of Social Pressure Advertisement Preferences, A Generalization of McDonald’s Chicken Nugget Problem; and Birth Order and its Relation to Learning Styles.  These are just a small fraction of the numerous topics that will be presented during the Symposium.

The event is even having keynote speaker Dr. Richard Van Eck present his research on digital game-based learning.  Dr. Van Eck is Associate Professor of the Instructional Design & Technology program at the University of North Dakota.  This presentation will be held in the UPS room from 4:00pm-5:00pm. The keynote speaker is an open event to all students. There will be an invitation only dinner and awards ceremony for presenters and faculty sponsors in the Yockey Room from 5-6 p.m.

April 14, 2010