New housing opportunity on Mside campus

New housing opportunity on Mside campus

By Laura Homan-Living off campus is a dream for most people. The money situation doesn’t always work out, though. What if you could live on campus in a house setting?

Morningside has two houses for upperclassmen to live in next year. These two houses on Garretson Avenue are being turned housing for eight students to share. Each student would share a bedroom with another student still. However, the students would share the rest of the house as extra space.

These houses encourage students who are involved in similar organizations, majors, etc. to live with one another. Each house is supposed to choose a theme for the house.

“These themes can be anything from Biology majors to Campus Ministries,” said Sheri Hineman, Resident Services Coordinator. “It’s an opportunity for people to come together.”

Each house has a common area, three full bathrooms, a kitchen, and its own private laundry room. Also, the house has a yard with either a porch or a deck outside.

Some of the benefits of the houses may draw students in. The normal meal plan would not be required for students living in these houses because of their ability to cook in the kitchen. Also, students have the ability to live in a house like its off campus.

“With these houses though, the students would not have to deal with landlords fixing things. The maintenance crew will handle all of the yard work and fixing of the household problems,” said Hineman. “Also, the basement has additional storage areas that are not available in other dorm living situations.”

There are some possible cons to the new housing. If a very social student chooses to live in these, there is the possibility that he or she will feel isolated from the rest of campus. Also, like every new program there will be some kinks in the system. The first year students will be the first to live in these houses under Morningside’s watchful eye.

In each house there will be a student with a liaison title. This position will be like a Resident Assistant for the house. The person in this position will be paid 50 dollars a month to fulfill the roles of unlocking doors and keeping the residents safe.

“There are some programming requirements that are like hall functions in the other dorm buildings,” said Hineman. “The programs are simple activities like a backyard barbeque that involve all members of the house.”

To have the opportunity to live in one of these houses, pick up and fill out an application in Sheri Hineman’s office, bottom floor of the Olson Student Center. These applications are due on Wednesday March 17, 2010.

March 16, 2010