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Wednesday March 20th 2019



Morningside Students’ Spring Break Plans

By Rachael Arnts–Spring fever is in the air. Morningside students will soon get to enjoy a week off from classes and professors. However, not all students are making travel plans for the beach. Here’s what some Morningsiders have planned.

Morningside juniors Ashley Stagner and Tracy Gates are going to Brown County, Indiana, for their Spring Break get away. They wanted to spend less time driving and more time enjoying their destination, hence why they picked a closer attraction.  There, they will be exploring a national park, and then swing by Indianapolis. After that, they’ll just explore.

“We’re gonna go with the flow,” says Gates. “We’re very spontaneous people. Whatever seems interesting we’ll do.”

“We wanted to go somewhere new. It probably won’t be as busy as a beach either,” adds Stagner.

Both agreed that it is hard for students, especially those who live in the Sioux City area, to go to beaches for Spring Break.  They believe that most coastal schools would spend their time off at the beach. Gates and Stagner also think that people are just tired of the stereotypical beach Spring Break.

“It’s an expensive trip [to a beach]. For a college student it’s not always realistic,” says Stagner.

Gates adds, “People are staying closer and not traveling so far to such extravagant places because they’re on a budget. Most people, I hear, are just going home.”

Even though many Morningsiders aren’t going to beaches for break, according to Fox News, the top five places are mostly coastal places like Panama City Beach and Miami, Florida,  and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Even with spring in the air, it seems as if many students are holding back from big far off, extravagant travels this year.