Letter: Now is the time for clean energy

Dear Editor:
I’m writing to express my concern about clean energy and the need to have citizens and politicians alike adopt a new thought process about Iowa’s energy.

A lot of the conversations about energy and climate change have been geared towards risks and the negative affects, reminding us of the danger of inaction, but now is the time to talk about positive solutions that will lead to a clean energy future with good-paying jobs, a growing economy and healthy environment. As a student here in Iowa, I believe that the initiative to demand cleaner energy needs to start here. We have the potential to lead this cause and tackle climate change head-on by urging politicians and citizens alike to put us on the path to have 50 percent clean energy by 2030. 

Accelerating the shift to clean energy would allow millions of good paying jobs to be created that cannot be outsourced, which would also add exponentially more jobs in the clean energy sector compared to fossil fuels in the long run. In addition to creating jobs and making our economy flourish, building a clean energy economy is urgently needed in order to avoid the devastating economic impacts of climate change. 

This is not going to happen by itself. I am urging readers and anyone concerned about the future of our Earth, not just for themselves, but also for future generations and their kids even, to contact politicians and candidates to voice a concern for cleaner energy here in Iowa. I also urge readers to raise awareness not just to others, but themselves as well; educating yourself is the first step in advocating a cleaner energy economy here in Iowa and is the best first step you can take. 


Tyler Halligan


September 11, 2015

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