Annual Hanging of The Greens at Dimmitt Hall

Annual Hanging of The Greens at Dimmitt Hall

By, Payton Miller- The resident assistants of Dimmitt Residence Hall hosted the annual Hanging of the Greens event this past Monday to welcome the holiday season.

Hanging of the Greens is an event hosted each year at the Dimmitt formal. All members of the Morningside community are invited to attend and join in the holiday cheer.

The event begins with the story of the yule log and the origin story of Morningside’s hanging of the greens. 

In England the bringing in and burning of the Yule Log was a beautiful ceremony. After the lighting of the Yule log it was customary for each member of the family to take a turn in saluting the Yule Log with an appropriate song. And when at last, the fire died out, the remnant of the log was put away until next Yuletide to kindle a new Yule Log.

Seventy years ago some students from Morningside brought their own Yule log and began the tradition at Dimmitt Hall. The tradition has continued ever since with the current Head Residents and Professional staff overseeing the preparations.

“It was a fun experience getting to put on an event that is a big Rez Life and holiday tradition, ” said Kaelin Armstrong, Head Resident of Dimmitt East. 

Each year, Sodexo provides sweet treats for the attendees to enjoy while they watch the ceremony and sing along to the classic Christmas carols led by Dimmitt staff. 

Dimmitt Hall recently welcomed a new professional staff to the building. Max Hardyk took over the professional staff position at Dimmitt Hall in late October of this year. It was important to both the Head Residents and Hardyk that the tradition continues like it always has.

November 30, 2022

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