Grill Masters fire up new club

by Ben Steffens–A new club has arrived on Morningside University’s campus. “Grill Masters” is a place for food lovers and grilling enthusiasts to hone their cooking skills.

The club is student–led with Tom Moss at the helm. Moss is a sophomore and highly involved on campus with various groups and activities.

Moss said the idea originally came together with a team of faculty and students who were dreaming of something new. He said the idea especially caught on when they accepted an invitation to a food and barbecue event in Anthon, IA. Morningside University then agreed to partner and buy the grill.

Moss and Morningside faculty quickly began getting students involved with the club. Moss thinks it is a great opportunity to learn and hone grilling skills.

The Grill Masters are able to cook about anything on the grill. Since its purchase, they have grilled chicken kabobs, hamburgers, hotdogs, bratwurst, and pork chops. They have also made different veggie mixes and corn on the cob.

Dan Witten was one of the faculty who had his hand in the early stages of the Grill Masters. An assistant professor in the Applied Agricultural and Food Studies Department, Witten’s teaching and research focus is on improving student learning through the use of experiential learning.

Witten said, “It is going to be a great outreach and experiential learning opportunity for students. It will provide possibilities for students from multiple disciplines to try something new.”

The Grill Masters have many plans for the future. First and foremost, they want to continue to grow. They first set their sights on campus events. 

“It will be really important to try to get involved with more events to create learning experiences for our members,” Moss said. They also have plans to use some of the revenue they make as a group to split and reinvest in the club, but also offer scholarships to those who participate.

Isaac Henn, a griller and member of the club, said, “I am super excited about participating with the club. I enjoy grilling and learning new food skills. It’s nice that we can make some money off of it too.” He said he’s not too worried about earning a scholarship from the club, but he believes that it could be a great opportunity for students who might need a little extra money for school.

Students interested in joining the Grill Masters should contact Tom Moss or talk to faculty in the Ag Studies Department, located on the first floor in Buhler–Rohlfs.

November 8, 2022

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