Birkenstocks pick up with TikTok exposure

by Paige Padavich–Boston Birkenstocks are a popular trend that are selling out fast due to popularity on social media.

The Boston Birkenstocks, specifically the taupe pair, have been seen on multiple social media platforms including Tik Tok. They can be described as a clog shaped shoe with a rounded top and an open backside, with a cork bottom.

Here’s what local retailers have to say about the popular Boston Birkenstocks.

The taupe Birkenstocks have been the most popular, but a Scheels associate said, “The taupe sold out fast, so now people are grabbing other styles and colors. A lot of the sizes are sold out, including narrow and wide styles.”

According to a Scheels associate in the shoe department, there have been multiple people asking about these shoes. Customers are coming in asking for the “Tik Tok Birkenstocks.”

Both Scheels and Rudolph’s Shoe Mart have some Boston Birkenstocks left, but not many. Scheels recently sold out of the taupe and the soft footbed pairs.

Famous Footwear doesn’t regularly carry them in store, and when they are in store they sell out fast. An associate said, “We only sell the Boston Birkenstocks online. Once in a while, we will get a pair returned and they are gone fast.”

Paige, a Scheels associate in the shoe department, said she wears Birkenstocks and “Tok Tok made me buy them.” She thought they were cute and fun. She also has other pairs of Birkenstocks.

“These are popular because they are a name brand and very comfortable,” says Paige. 

An associate at Rudolph’s Shoe Mart also commented on the reason of popularity: “They are very supportive, but I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.”

Paige said she knew about the Birkenstocks before they were popular, but she has heard people talk about them and seen them on social media. She said, “Things that are on Tik Tok tend to pick up and be popular.”

The Boston Birkenstocks can range from $140-$170. However, price doesn’t mean much to some people. Birkenstock lovers are willing to pay double the retail price, if that means they will get to have these shoes. Some people are buying them in any size and reselling them on sites like eBay and Poshmark for a huge markup because they know people will pay that price for them. 

Asked about how fast fashion trends like this one affect the economy, business professor Dan Wubbena said, “There’s no impact because it’s a fad that will be over by the time we are out of school in May.”

November 8, 2022

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