Hinders named Ambassador of the year

Braxton Hinders (center)

by Caleb Lubbers–The Morningside University Office of Admissions announced the winner of the Ambassador of the Year award on Wednesday: senior Braxton Hinders.

Hinders, a Business Administration major, has been a student ambassador for the past two and a half years.

“I love Morningside, and I love to show it off to prospective students,” Hinders responded when asked why he chose to become a student ambassador.

Hinders has given over 60 campus tours this year to high school students, some to groups of prospective students, while others were to individuals. He also earned the distinction of giving the most tours of any ambassador this year. 

“Sharing the experiences I’ve had over the past four years has to be my favorite part about the job,” Hinders said. “I also love meeting new people and getting to learn a little bit about them during the tours.”

Steph Peters, Associate Vice President of Admissions, had only good things to say when asked about Hinders.

“He can sell ice to an Eskimo,” Peters said. “He’s super personable. He’s the kid who can talk to anyone.”

Peters also described what the office looks for when deciding who will earn the award.

“We look for someone who is reliable, shows up consistently, and always volunteers when something needs to be done,” Peters said. “We also look at the feedback we get from the tours.”

Betsy Chilton, Assistant Director of Admissions who oversees the ambassador program, gave high praise to Hinders.

“I don’t think there is one person who saw when Braxton won the award that thought he shouldn’t have earned it,” Chilton said. 

In addition to giving tours to prospective students, he also gave tours to two out of the three university presidential candidates when they came to campus. 

“He will be good at whatever he does,” Chilton said. “We’re happy for him, but we’re sad he’s graduating. We are going to miss him for sure.”

Chilton also made sure to note the office of admissions is on the lookout for more student ambassadors.

“We always are looking for people to come and work as an ambassador.”

May 5, 2022

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