Making her Mark

By Kassidy Hart– Throughout her whole life, junior Payton Sauerbrei has been juggling different activities but says that college has been an entirely different experience. 

From Worthington, Minn., Sauerbrei has been making her mark – not only on Morningside’s campus but also on Sioux City. On top of being heavily involved in many clubs and extracurriculars on campus, she has also had a few off-campus jobs throughout the two years she’s been a Mustang.

Sauerbrei is a Secondary English Education major who is part of multiple humanitarian extracurriculars. Currently, she serves as the Kiosk Editor-in-Chief, Sigma Tau Delta Vice President, a Writing Center Consultant, and a Kucinski Orchestra violinist. 

“If I’m being honest, some of these opportunities came to me by chance. I hadn’t considered playing in the orchestra until a friend reached out to me or working in the writing center until someone recommended me,” Sauerbrei said. “However, I am incredibly grateful for these opportunities to expand my skills in so many different areas.”

Her involvement in various on-campus activities has allowed her to grow, both academically and professionally.

“Working for the Kiosk is an incredible opportunity to develop my networking and writing skills. It is also allowing me to develop connections in the Morningside community that I would not have otherwise created,” Sauerbrei said.

Sauerbrei’s college experience has expanded past her on-campus opportunities. In the past few years, she has been able to land a few different jobs to help build her resumé. These have included working at Woody’s Axe-Throwing, Hy-Vee, and Madonna Rose Café. 

The most challenging aspect for Sauerbrei has been keeping her schedule straight. She’s had to learn to manage her time and avoid procrastination. She said that her strategy includes keeping a detailed planner and finding support from those she is close to.

“I find balance in everything by treasuring the free time that I do have. I also have a great support system—I’m very thankful to have some really strong relationships,” Sauerbrei said. 

Looking into the future, her dream job is to eventually earn a doctorate’s degree and become a college professor. In addition to inspiring young writers and readers, Sauerbrei would love to make a career out of her own passion for writing.

Her advice to students that are looking for a more meaningful balance amongst their college commitments is to cherish the time they have and the people they are choosing to spend it with.

“Utilize your free time throughout the day to get things done. That way, you can relax later,” Sauerbrei said. “Also, I think making time for friends and family is the best way to stay sane.”

December 20, 2021

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