College Students Can Trick or Treat Too!

By Jadyn Steffen– To get into the Halloween spirit, Morningside Activities Council, otherwise known as MAC, hosted an event called “Trick or Treat on the M” this past Friday.

All students were invited to gather on the “M,” located outside of the Roadman dorm building and next to Charles City. Here, they offered everyone some yummy, fall-festive treats such as: coated kernel popcorn, caramel apples, apple cider, and hot chocolate. 

Those students that attended the event found it to be exciting and worthwhile. 

Morningside University junior Payton Sauerbrei said, “Of course I went! Who would want to miss out on free food and drinks?” 

Those that could not make an appearance at the event, due to other obligations or lack of interest, expressed regret when recollecting on what they missed out on.

Senior Darian Adkins said, ”I’m kind of sad that I missed it. All the snacks looked really good, so I hope they do it again next year for all the students, even though I won’t be here to enjoy them.” 

Because so many students were able to stop by and grab a treat, the event was deemed successful by MAC.

Member of MAC, senior Ashley Duncan said, ”I think the Trick or Treat event went great! We had a really good turn out. Roughly 300 students stopped by and it was nice to see everyone gather together just to get some fall snacks.” 

Looking into the future Duncan said, ”I definitely think we would do this again, because it was a nice fall-themed event that students seemed to really enjoy!” 

Overall, this event was definitely a hit. Students were happy to indulge in some Halloween sweets and it really helped set the tone for a fun-filled weekend! 

November 1, 2021