A Chance to Study Abroad

A Chance to Study Abroad

By: Ashley Duncan

Every year Morningside offers May term classes or May terms abroad. May terms abroad are set up and chaperoned by professors.

Due to COVID, most May terms abroad have been canceled in the past year, but this year, professors are hoping to actually travel with students.

Just a few of the May terms offered this year are trips to Belize led by professors Aaron Bunker and Twyla Rosenbaum; trips to Germany, Austria, and Czech Republic led by Shiran Nathaniel; and trips to Rome, Florence, and Sicily led by Dr. Susie Lubbers and Dr. Leslie Werden.

“Our favorite part of co-leading May Term trips abroad is seeing students experience things for perhaps the first and last time in their entire lives!” said Dr. Aaron Bunker. “Traveling to Belize gives students the chance to not only explore the land, but also the sea” Bunker continued.

Both Dr. Susie Lubbers and Dr. Leslie Werden said they are excited for their trip to Italy because they missed traveling internationally. “I chose Italy because Dr. Werden and I have taken students there twice already, and it’s a wonderful country full of history,” said Dr. Lubbers. Students traveling to Italy will be immersed in history, but also the culture because they will be taking two cooking classes. 

Sydney Garrigan, a choir student attending the Germany trip, said, “I’m very excited to go on the May trip because we are having four performances overseas and I believe one of them is in Vienna. We are having a combined concert with a resident choir in Vienna, and we are performing at Melk Abbey.” The Germany trip is mostly for choir students to attend, but other groups are joining them as well. 

For a May term to be successful in travel, twelve students need to have signed up. To count as a May term for both professors traveling, sixteen students need to sign up. To sign up for a May term, stop by the business office located in Lewis Hall. 

October 19, 2021