SG subcommittees to address student concerns

By Kassidy Hart– To further help address student’s concerns in a prompter manner, Morningside Student Government has created four area-specific subcommittees that are open for all students to sit on. These four subcommittees focus on Diversity and Accessibility, Safety, Sustainability, and Food. 

“These subcommittees are geared towards bettering the day-to-day life of students,” Student Government President, Garrett Arbuckle, said. “Each one covers areas that we’ve seen the most concern with.” 

Each subcommittee is being led by a chair, who will then, in turn, bring the matters addressed at their bi-weekly meetings to the whole group. Each of the chairs prove to have a passion for the issues they will be focusing on. 

“I have always cared about the environment, and recently have been trying to limit my own waste,” Subcommittee Head for Sustainability, senior Sharon Bassette, said. “One key thing that I would like to implement is a ‘how/what to recycle’ initiative on campus. We already have the bins to recycle but I have personally noticed they are not always used correctly.”

Not only are the issues a concern for what other students on campus are confronted with, but they also have a direct impact on the people in the subcommittees. This creates a stronger awareness within the subcommittees of what changes need to be implemented. 

“As a student athlete, I know food and nutrition are just as important as practice time. Our school is around 70% athletes, who all need to be fueled properly while still enjoying their food options,” Subcommittee Head for Food, freshman Mara Brown, said. “My subcommittee will be addressing any issues that concern the caf, Bucks, or the Spoonholder. These can include menu options, cleanliness, wait time, or any other areas of concern.”

Student Government encourages any and all Morningside students to sit in on the bi-weekly meetings with comments or concerns they may have specific to these subcommittees. By opening it up to campus in a focused group, student government is more apt to implement the changes that come up. 

Subcommittee head for Diversity and Accessibility, sophomore Camrie Miranda, hopes to encourage some new perspective on campus including implementing regular safe zone trainings for staff, connecting the students and professors more, reimplementing respect of others on campus and encouraging appropriate language and behaviors on campus

These four subcommittees were created as another step toward positive change for Morningside University in hopes that students see Student Government’s encouragement of participation of sharing ideas that would better their Morningside experience.

October 1, 2021