Master Chorale In Dire Need of Male Singers

By Jadyn Steffen– With COVID-19 being under better control this fall, the Morningside community choir has officially been able to recommence. Practices are held every Tuesday night from 7-9pm in Eppley Auditorium. Students, staff, faculty, and community members are able to attend these practices and participate in any of the choral performances.

At Tuesday’s practice, Choral Director, Joshua Nannestad, made a comment about the choir needing male singers, especially tenors. There are already 48 members of this choir, but only seven tenors.

Nannestad said, “With an upcoming performance in the next couple of weeks we really need members now, so that they can learn the music and help us all to perform to our best.” 

The next upcoming event for the choir is Christmas at Morningside. Christmas at Morningside is the biggest production that each individual choir participates in and thousands of people attend every year.

Going forward, Nannestad said, “With our choir being majorly altos it would be amazing if we could get some male voices to help balance us out so we can sound even better for Christmas at Morningside this year.” 

All the tenors agree.

Master Chorale singer and tenor, Darian Adkins said, “Yeah, of course it would be great to get new members. I love the friends I have made on campus and the connections I have made with the community through this group and we can always use extra voices to help out too.”

Students who find that they have some extra time on Tuesday nights and love music and singing, or if they know someone who has a passion for singing, are encouraged to stop by Eppley Auditorium to get more information on how to join and spread the word! 

If interested, contact Joshua Nannestad at

September 28, 2021

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