Ways to Tackle Student Stress

By Jadyn Steffen– With Morningside students being back on campus for about a month now, stress levels are slowly on the rise. 

There has been plenty of chatter on campus about how students are already starting to stress out over juggling: assignments, tests, presentations, work, and, of course, a social life. So, the question is how do most students cope with their stress? 

Sophomore Mel Harson says when she becomes overwhelmed with tasks to complete, she finds it best for her to make a list of things that she must get done and work on them one by one. 

 “This method has always worked for me, and it is definitely one of the more healthy options students can rely on to help ease their mind,” Harson said. 

Sophomore Sydnie Baier agreed and said she creates a prioritized list and works through it until everything is done. 

“Once I just sit down and focus on the list I get things done more efficiently,” Baeir said.

 On the other hand, a couple of other students had a much different approach. Junior Caitlin Charity and Sophomore Jacob Heitshusen say they usually just sleep the stress off. 

 “It’s kind of like when you’re sleeping you can’t stress about anything and it just puts the mind at ease even though when you wake up you will probably start to stress again,” Charity said.

“It just helps me relax and wake up with a fresh mind,” Heitschusen said. 

Though sleep can create a sense of relaxation, students find it to be a temporary fix. Another common way to relieve stress is retail therapy. 

“Just something about shopping makes me happier and I forget about all the other things in life that are stressing me out,” Junior Chloe Pieper said.

Retail therapy helps students feel a little better about life. Although this may not be the best way to handle stress, what is it really hurting other than your bank account?

Overall, students have all different ways to get them through the school year, whether these habits are healthy or not. 

However, the school counselor, Bobbie Meister, is always available and open to talk through any stressful situation you may be experiencing.  

Take a breather and constantly remind yourself that everything will be okay!

September 20, 2021

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