Masks Encouraged=Masks Required

Masks Encouraged=Masks Required

by Morgan Roberts–Working in a service–oriented environment means dealing with the public face to face. 

With COVID still being a health risk, masks are an obvious necessity with in–person meetings. 

What is wild is that people still refuse to wear masks over a year into the pandemic!

I work in a cafe where we have freshly opened the lobby with signage stating, “Masks Appreciated,” instead of requiring them upon entry of the store. This pretty much just means customers get to control the safety of themselves, other patrons, and the employees.

At the register there is a slab of plexiglass as a barrier for the ones who don’t want to wear a mask, but unsurprisingly those are also the people who like to peek their head around it to try and talk to me. 

Other precautions of the store are the CDC–recommended 6 foot buffer and certain seating around the store to ensure that precaution is being met. 

Again, there are still patrons who become illiterate when it comes to reading a sign saying “Seating Available” on a bright red sheet of paper. 

I get that this company doesn’t require masks in the lobby since it is a cafe, meaning there is high competition in the area. As a business the number one priority is profit and requiring masks could negatively affect that, so the owners had to decide if they value money or health more. 

Money won. Employees lost.

May 11, 2021

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