Keep the Serotonin Pumping

by Ashley Duncan–College is a stressful time in a student’s life. A whole new place, learning how to be an adult, and just being so far from everything they know, it is hard to stay positive sometimes. COVID-19 makes it even harder, but students have found ways to prevail and keep serotonin pumping through their brains.  

Serotonin is a hormone in bodies that helps stabilize moods and happiness. It also helps with people’s abilitt to sleep, eat, and digest, which can be a big issue with college students. Being away from home can make it harder to sleep because they don’t feel comfortable and having low levels of serotonin doesn’t help either. 

Tyler Carney, a junior Mass Communication and business major, said, “[Acoustic music] puts me in a relaxing mood. It’s very calming.” A lot of students that double or even triple major need help relaxing from their copious amounts of homework; music is a good answer. 

Brandyn Clair, a sophomore Mass Communication major, also agrees music helps him, especially when weightlifting. He likes to listen to Jay-Z’s Black album all the way through. “No skips,” said Clair. 

Other students use more long-lasting effects that keep them happy and relaxed throughout the day. Emma Endrulat, an education major, said “[Caffeine] is what only keeps me going during the day.” A lot of students agree with that, especially when somebody walks through campus and can see nearly every student has either coffee or an energy drink in their hands. 

Sometimes it is just the small things around campus that bring students delight and can make their days better. Marissa Hernandez, a bio chem major, said, “The little birds by Dimmitt. I love those things. Every time I see them, they just make me so happy.” 

There are many unique things that college students find to keep them going day to day. Even noticing students on social media, a person can tell what brings them serotonin. On Instagram there are accounts for the students who love moss or students who enjoy the squirrels around campus. It can be the small things, but seeing or doing certain things can make a student’s day just a little better. 

April 20, 2021