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Spring Breaking: A road trip to Florida

by Morgan Roberts–Tenna Beel and I decided to drive our way to Florida for Spring Break. Our two-day journey began in Iowa. We started in Spencer (my hometown) and drove straight across Iowa in a span of six hours, but not even touching Missouri until the eight-hour mark. 

Hitting St. Louis our only thought was to find a bathroom. Instead we found a Ferris Wheel, where we stopped and enjoyed a little carnival in the middle of the city. Finally, after 12 hours of straight driving, we hit Nashville where we impulsively decided to stay the night. Our goal was to drive straight through all 24 hours but was quickly shut down with us both suffering to stay awake—although we did drive the whole way back without stopping to sleep. 

Day two began with my car refusing to start, so the only logical step to take was going to a café. After finally starting the car we were back on the road. A few hours in we hit the Tennessee River where we stopped to see the sights, like some prisoners cleaning up trash on the mountain next to it. Tenna took the wheel for the more deserted roads of Georgia and I got the pleasure of driving through Atlanta at the worst possible time. The traffic you see in the video 100 percent true; it took an extra hour just to get through the city. 

Once we got out of that, we were on the homestretch to Lakeland Florida. We made it around 1:00 am with the time change so we just slept for the night where we began our vacation the next day! 

March 31, 2021