Chicken McGriddle is life changing
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Chicken McGriddle is life changing

by Kassidy Hart–As a college student, fast-food is my savior when it comes to a full class and work schedule, especially on those days that are scheduled up to the millisecond. Sometimes I don’t have time to pack a lunch or even think about my food for the day, and this week was one of those weeks. 

On the way to campus from my early practicum Tuesday morning, I decided I wanted to stop at McDonald’s and grab a McChicken to gobble down before I took on the rest of my day. I drove up to the menu only to find out that it was still breakfast and a McChicken was not an option! I started frantically looking around the menu for something cheap, as I anticipated using the few dollar bills I had in my purse to cover my morning snack, and decided to just try to get a McChicken, regardless of it being absent from the menu. The cashier asked me how I wanted it, as a biscuit or as a McGriddle?

Now, I’m not a huge McDonald’s breakfast person, mainly because I can never wake up in time for it, so it’s not an easily accessible craving. But, when I do have it once in a blue moon, I don’t hesitate to get a McGriddle. The pancake breading is the best part, as biscuits are too dry for a breakfast sandwich. 

Of course, I immediately answered with “Oh, I’ll take the McGriddle!”

Life. Changing. 

I gobbled that thing down in 5 minutes and it filled me up to the point I wasn’t hungry for another six hours. I didn’t order a drink, as I had my coffee still filled to the brim from that morning, but I didn’t find myself needing a drink either. The sandwich didn’t dry my mouth out. It also didn’t have the globs of mayo and scraggly lettuce that McChickens are known for. And it was only $1.70!

I wasn’t quite sure if it truly was good or my tired mind was playing tricks on me, so to make sure, I stopped and got another one this morning to check. All I have to say is, I will definitely be forcing my boyfriend to wake up early enough within the next week or two to take part in the buy one, get one for $1 deal! This time, though, I might try pairing it with a sweet tea.

If you’re a calorie counter, I do warn you that the sandwich alone is 370 calories. But, compared to Chick-fil-a’s popular chicken breakfast biscuit that is 450 calories, it’s lower in calories and doesn’t cost you a pretty penny, just six quarters and two dimes.

All in all, I give McDonald’s breakfast Chicken McGriddle a 5/5.

March 31, 2021

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