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The familiar is just fine with Hubie Hallloween

by Kassidy Hart–This month, Netflix released a new movie that combines the childhood comedic nostalgia of Adam Sandler with a new murder mystery storyline called Hubie Halloween

Adam Sandler

Hubie Halloween centers around Hubie Dubois, a simple-minded but kind-hearted and proud Salem citizen. As the biggest fan of Halloween but also a Salem Witch Trials expert, Hubie is determined to ensure a night that is safe and sound from any crimes or pranks.

Ironically, it ends up being anything but. After discovering his new neighbor hiding in the basement with cans of empty dog food and then a teenager tied up in a corn maze, Hubie ends up at the center of an investigation for a real murder. The story includes a variety of Halloween themes, from werewolves to escaped mental patients, from witch trials to silly pranks. 

Sandler, as usual, cast many of his friends for this film. They are familiar actors we recognize from his older movies such as Grown Ups and The Do Over. Kevin James plays the cop who doesn’t find Hubie helpful. Steve Buscemi is the weird but friendly neighbor that causes some ruckus. Ray Liotta is Hubie’s childhood bully who never grew out of it. And Rob Schneider has blonde hair!

That’s not the only familiar thing about the movie, though. 

A lot of Sandler’s film characteristics are present in this one as well – an attractive girl improbably likes him, he loses control at points and screams a bit, and there’s a celebrity guest. (I’ll spoil this one for you – it’s former basketball player Shaquille O’Neil.) It also is one of many feel-good movies that aim to just entertain. 

The comedy in the movie is pretty PG-13. It sticks to a family-friendly theme, and for being a Halloween movie on Netflix, this is for sure a positive thing. Some of the humor was raunchy, but nothing ridiculous that you should have to make your kids close their ears for. 

Overall, I’d rate the movie a 7.5/10. 

If you’re one who likes to stay in your comfort zone when it comes to newly released movies, this one a safe bet. The plotline does have you guessing up until the end but, even then, it is predictable. It’s funny enough to turn on for a friends or family spooky movie night, even if you’re not a huge fan of Adam Sandler.

October 20, 2020