What COVID-19 has taken

by Abby Koch–I believe it is fair to say the entire Morningside campus is in mourning. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, staff, or faculty member, COVID-19 has probably taken something from you. Our entire way of life and schedules at Morningside have been shaken to the core by a stupid virus. 

I personally believe the collective of Morningside College understands the reasoning why we had to give up the events and the campus we admire. We want to protect the health of those we hold dear and maintain a stable personal level of health. We also want to protect those we cross paths with, our neighbors, and our community as a whole. 

Despite knowing the positive effect of letting go our moments and what we know as a constant does not mean it hurts less. Spring semester, especially towards the final months we are approaching, is known for how jam–packed with events it is. I know I look forward, along with many others, to this flurry of events before going into summer break. 

These events encapsulate the achievements we have made, both athletically and academically over the entire year. COVID-19 taking away our moments to highlight each other and display what we have been working on over the year is devastating. 

COVID-19 has taken the normal schedule we have gotten used to over the past few months. We were used to seeing friends in class, getting coffee during the day at the Spoonholder, or eating lunch with certain people on Tuesdays. Even just seeing faces pass by when we went to class became a normal that was taken away.

All of the little things, our schedules and events that we counted down for, were taken away by a virus. I have felt myself grieving over so many things. But even bigger for me was knowing how many things were canceled for the seniors.

It hurts me knowing I can’t do anything to help those who have lost certain aspects of their year that they will not get back. All it seems I can do is try to reach out more and check in with friends. A lot of friends seem to be in the same boat as me, just lost for words about the situation.

But if there is something that speaks about students or those who work for Morningside, it is we all try to find a solution to a problem and make sure to help one another. 

Since transitioning to online classes and using online communication more frequently, I am reminded to keep my head up about the situation. All of the classes and groups that I am a part of on campus are being tested at this time, but each one has checked in on all of us students to make sure we are doing okay. Communication is something that hasn’t changed about Morningside because of coronavirus, and instead has made us stronger. 

Paired with the communication is the caring nature that everyone at Morningside has during these unprecedented times. It is inspiring that professors, administration, and student leaders are trying their best to bring positivity in a pandemic. I admire those who are being looked to for answers and helping students feel more secure with the world situation.

Despite mourning so much what won’t happen, there is something impressive about the human spirit at Morningside. We did not want this school year to be marked with so much negativity and uncertainty. But with small moments of positivity, communicating with each other online, and maintaining our health, we’ll look back at COVID-19 as a bad dream. 

March 31, 2020

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  1. I was a student at Mside when 9/11 happened, and this situation feels a little like that–it was a time when things were very uncertain, but Morningside adjusted and everyone on campus found an opportunity to pause, reflect, and come together. I only wish we could “be together” in the same way, but I think we are finding ways of doing that with this hurdle as well. Thank you for your thoughtful reflection Abby.

  2. Abby, You did a marvelous job capturing how we all feel. I am thankful that our community is so close to allow us to find strength in one another. I look forward to our chats in the office once this evil virus is behind us! John

  3. Thanks for reminding each reader about the power of reflection and finding the bright spots of this unprecedented situation we are in. Your voice is important and the Collegian Reporter is providing the necessary thought provoking material to allow us all to stop and enjoy the positives as we are bombarded with so many negatives.

  4. Thoughtful and wonderfully written, piece of writing, Abby. We miss seeing our students, too. I love Zoom and WebEx just for the chance to see and engage (it’s not quite the same, but it works for now — and you, particularly, have done a great job of making some of those meetings highly entertaining). Thank you for expressing your thoughts so eloquently here!