Cheap meal deals for college kids
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Cheap meal deals for college kids

by Kiki Bennett–The caf gets old, but eating out can be expensive. There is hope for your wallet with these meal deals around Sioux City for those dinner cravings. These are the fan favorite places to get some cheap eats here in Sioux City. 

“You can get twenty chicken nuggets for four bucks pretty much anywhere.” said sophomore Carter Ades. He’s completely right, with both Burger King and McDonalds offering deals like this for the masses of the nugget fueled college kids. 

Burger King isn’t afraid to offer good deals. “You can get two burgers and two fries when you get their mobile app,” said junior Tristan Junker. 

For a late night eat, many students turn to Old Chicago’s $2 pizzas every night after 10 pm. “It’s honestly such a good deal, my roommates and I always go for late night study breaks,” said sophomore Morgan Roberts. Mustangs can also head downtown to Bar Louie on Tuesday nights for $5 gourmet burgers and fries. 

Good deals are all around, even in Morningside’s back yard. For those students who especially don’t like leaving campus they can get 15% off at Subway when they show their student ID. “It’s so nice having Subway right there, especially when I can’t make it to the caf in time.” said senior Anne Weber. 

Sioux City restaurants offer really good deal, especially for our Morningside Mustangs. “I always show my ID when I go out to eat, you never know where you could get a deal.” said sophomore Bryce Clinkenbeard. 

January 2, 2020

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