Blink of an Eye is a challenging show
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Blink of an Eye is a challenging show

by Mari Pizzini–Life goes by in the blink of an eye. Or, it does according to Billy, the main protagonist in senior Engels Perez’s original play “Blink of an Eye.” The show was performed in Klinger-Neal from November 14-17.

I’ve only recently gotten back into going to theatre productions, but “Blink of an Eye” was on my radar for a few months. As part of the #InternSquad, Engels and I have been working together since August, so of course I would hear about this brand new show from him.

A few friends and I decided to hit the theatre on Thursday, November 14th, and we were in for a wild ride. A show about murder, mental health, and the fight between the past and the future ensued. Not to mention the nine simulated gunshots throughout. 

Senior Maddie Schueth and junior Hailey Barrus’s characters, Martin and Billy respectively, both had ingenious quips. Martin specifically used the audience as the punchline to some jokes. Audiences stood-in for the voices in Martin’s head, as he was schizophrenic.

Junior Dalton Van Briesen and Junior Hailey Barrus

The content may have seemed funny at times, but it was also pretty serious. There was a heavy emphasis on the possibilities of the future and how to deal with death.

Family conflicts were discussed – including abuse, affairs, and addiction – and there were some pretty raunchy scenes. As an audience member, I felt uncomfortable at times.

But I think that was the point.

Honestly, it wasn’t an easy show to watch or understand. I called it a “thinker;” once I digested the smaller details, I wrapped my head around it better. Plus, it is student-written and that’s pretty cool.

I’d give it a solid seven of ten shovel-dug holes (which doesn’t get easier, even with experience). 

November 22, 2019