HBO’s Watchmen caters to the fans
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HBO’s Watchmen caters to the fans

by Dylan Ferguson–For those itching for a faithful adaptation of Watchmen, the time has finally come. On October 20th, the new Watchmen series premiered. Titled “It’s Summer, and We’re Running Out of Ice,” the new series provides continuation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s 1986 limited comic series.

Picking up in 2019, the first episode shows a world where a white supremacy group, Seventh Kavalry, misappropriates the writings of comic character Rorscharch and mimics his masked appearance to attack minorities and police officers. Due to the attacks on officers, those on the force are allowed to not disclose their profession. Police officers now wear masks to conceal their identity and allow vigilantes to fight alongside.

The world building done in the first episode shows viewers what this alternate reality is truly like, but still leaves mysteries to be discovered as the series unfolds. While the primary focus of the series is the events unfolding in the modern day, there are many callbacks to events that happened during the comic.

What stands out most in the series so far is the outstanding, multilayered performance by actress Regina King as Detective Angela Abar/Sister Night. She brings an interesting and refreshing duality to her character. When with her family, she is a loving daughter and wife. However, when in the Sister Night costume, she proves she can also be a fantastic vigilante figure.

While there has already been fantastic world building, there is so much more that needs to be uncovered. There are several moments where the doings of Dr. Manhattan, an almost god-like figure, are hinted at. It would be interesting to see if the show will bring him into focus and show what he has been doing on Mars. 

Another character teased at is Adrian Veidt, AKA Ozymandias. While it is widely believed that Veidt is in the series as the character “Lord of a Country Manor” (Jeremy Irons), there has been nothing to confirm his identity, or if he will play a bigger role in the show’s main conflict.

Overall, Watchmen’s first episode is a strong start. There is plenty of fan service to the source material but remains fresh and exciting with its new storyline. With strong performances by King and Irons and a killer soundtrack by Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, Watchmen makes a great first impression and leaving you wanting more.

Season one of Watchmen is currently airing Sundays at 8pm on HBO. Previously aired episodes can be found on HBO Now after their premiere. 

November 6, 2019