From Home Life to College Life

From Home Life to College Life

by Mari Pizzini-The decision to attend college is life-changing and often terrifying. Transitioning into college life is said to be one of life’s hardest changes. Moving away from home, getting to know new people, and experiencing greater responsibility all affect the college transition. 

As the 2019-2020 school year has begun, freshmen are settling into life at Morningside College. New experiences happen everyday, and the transition isn’t always smooth.

“The transition is hard, as anyone can imagine, but it’s getting easier as each day goes by,” Jaiden Sramek said. She explained that everything was overwhelming the first day and that her emotions ran high.

“The sudden change of environment and feeling so lonely and on my own was extremely overwhelming,” Sramek continued, “Transitioning is hard and struggling at least a little bit is going to be inevitable.”

New surroundings, and often a new roommate, all act as challenges to new college-goers. For other students, even with these changes the transition isn’t so difficult.

Freshmen signing up to be a part of KMSC

“The transition has been very smooth. Everyone told me how hard it was going to be changing from high school to college life, but honestly I think it is easier,” Jadyn Steffen said, “Morningside does a really good job of making you feel welcomed and wanted on campus.”

Though both freshmen have been going through different types of transitions, they both say the same thing has made it easier: getting involved.

“Definitely get involved with something you’re extremely interested in,” Sramek said, “Keeping busy and making friends with the same interests as you helps tremendously.” 

“The more involved you are the less time you have to think about missing home and other things,” Steffen said, “I’ve met quite a few friends through choir and classes.”

Morningside offers many different options for clubs, organizations, and extracurricular activities. Sramek and Steffen agree that joining different groups, as well as keeping busy, helps the transition into college life. 

September 25, 2019