Morningside launches Project Siouxland on campus

Morningside launches Project Siouxland on campus

by Mari Pizzini–Project-based learning has overtaken Morningside College with the introduction of the new program Project Siouxland. In a partnership with Western Iowa Tech Community College (WIT), this program was launched at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year. 

Project Siouxland is far from a traditional class with a lecture hall setting. It is focused on engagement and active learning with a main goal to teach students to make a difference in the community. Project Siouxland is designed to change how students learn. 

Photo creds: @morningsideedu

“It’s a unique way of learning so students learn through managing a project to its completion with a community partner,” said Alden Stout, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs. 

This new program shows students the difference between group work and teamwork in a setting outside the academic classroom. 

“It will enhance project based learning across campus. Students will take their own initiative and Project Siouxland will be introduced into the one-hundred level classes for all students,” Stout continued. 

Other members of Morningside’s faculty have high hopes for this program, similar to Stout. 

Photo creds: @morningsideedu

“Of all the changes this summer, Project Siouxland will probably have the greatest impact on the school. It offers a much nicer facility for learning to take place,” Ron Jorgenson, Vice President of Business and Finance, said. 

The third floor of the Hickman-Johnson-Furrow Learning Center now houses Project Siouxland. Smart TVs, new furniture, and study areas replaced the racks of books. 

Nearly $500,000 was dedicated to campus renovations over the summer. Project Siouxland was the main focus of Morningside’s summer renovations. New carpeting, new roofing, and changes in air conditioning and heating also accompanied the Learning Center’s upgrades.     

September 9, 2019