Friday is Writing Day kicks off the start of its year

Friday is Writing Day kicks off the start of its year

by Abby Koch--Friday is Writing Day began its weekly meetings this past Friday (Aug. 31) and has big plans for the year. Friday is Writing Day, also known as FIWD, kicked off its year discussing the topic of the writing process for traveling May Terms.

Mari Pizzini showing her WordPress site

FIWD is an open-to-all-group that talks about the importance of writing. The subjects discussed are not always academic writing, but also nontraditional writing like bullet journaling and short stories. Junior Mari Pizzini led the first FIWD meeting of the year on the topic of writing while on a traveling May Term.

Pizzini led the small group on the third floor of the library, describing the different styles of writing of May Term travelers. Both the Italy and Greece travelers and the Iceland travelers were encouraged to discuss how they wrote about their journeys. Every traveler varied on describing their process, and questions were asked to all of the travelers.

FIWD’s open-format discussion is what a lot of participants enjoy about the group. “It does try to use everyone across campus. There are ten or twelve people on our board, and everyone is from different parts of the college,” said Pizzini.

The small group that gathered for the first FIWD

Professor Elizabeth Coody finds FIWD special because everyone can find something enjoyable and explore their writing quirks. “Writing is so difficult to put your finger on what it is that you do when you do it. I think the only way to learn it is through example and practice, and this is an opportunity to do both,” explained Coody.

Coody is also the FIWD coordinator and has helped plan some big topics and additions for this year. One of the big events of the year is related to Morningside’s 125th anniversary. There are also more creative topics planned, like six-word horror stories.

Coody and board members have made an addition to this year’s FIWD with a text alert system. The text alerts remind people that a meeting is happening that day. The text alerts will also allow people to know where the meeting will be taking place.

Most weeks the group will meet in its regular Hickman Dining Room site, though Coody plans to change it up occasionally. “We are going to go around a bit more to places that fit a bit more with what we are talking about, which is why it is a good idea to sign up for the text,” explained Coody.

FIWD’s next topic will be about practical tips for writing a personal statement. This next meeting will take place in Walker Science Center 107 at noon.

September 2, 2019