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Akron man charged with sexual abuse, child pornography

Akron, IA – An Akron man faces charges of third degree sexual assault and multiple charges of child pornography.

Wilhelm VonHofsteder was arrested last Friday on a warrant following the investigation by the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the Sioux City Journal, a complaint of sexual abuse against a 12-year-old that was filed with the Akron Police Department led to an investigation with the help of the Sheriff’s department.

A search warrant was served to the Akron man on July 13th, and turned up multiple items, including child pornography, this according to KCRG-TV.

According to the Des Moines Register, VonHofsteder is being held on $20,000 bond.

Head-on Collision for Reasons Still Unknown

SIOUX CITY, IA– Sioux City Police, Fire Rescue, and Paramedics were called to a head-on collision Thursday morning at War Eagle Drive where one driver was seriously injured.

Officials say a pickup truck swerved into oncoming traffic for unknown reasons and collided with an elderly woman near Grove Street, as stated from the Sioux City Journal.

The elderly woman was trapped in her car after the accident and was removed by Sioux City Fire Rescue. She some trauma-type injuries and was transported to Mercy Medical Center, reports Siouxland Matters.

The pick-up truck had two passengers and one was taken to Mercy for check-up of injuries.

Conditions are still unknown and authorities are investigating the cause of the accident.

Ceremony for Fallen Firefighters

(Sioux City, IA)— The Sioux City Fire Department displayed a ceremony on Friday, October 9th, for those who were firefighters and died in the line of duty. Through the years, Sioux City has lost twelve firefighters.

This ceremony was for any person who faced any fire incidents. “We don’t want add anymore names to this memorial, it’s important that we live each day like it’s our last and not forget those that went ahead of us,” said Capt. Johnson. KTIV

Outside of the firefighters memorial, over fifty Siouxlanders came together to support and honor those who were heroes to the Sioux City area.

Tailgate Will Honor Local Officers

(Sioux City, IA) — A community tailgate honoring local law enforcement will take place before the Morningside vs. Briar Cliff football game on October 24th, reports KMEG 14.

The tailgate will begin at 10:30 AM in the west-end of the Elwood-Olsen Stadium parking lot on Morningside College’s campus.

On top of law enforcement officers and their families getting free meals prior to the game, they will also get reduced price vouchers for tickets to the game.

The event is open to the public, with a cost of admission for non-officers at $5 and $3 for students and kids.

Man Bike Ponca Tribal March

A native of Lincoln, NE has taken it upon himself to follow in the footsteps of the Ponca tribe’s 1877 forced march from Nebraska to Oklahoma. David Fikar said Wednesday that, while his trip has been hard, it hasn’t been nearly as hard as the tribulations the Ponca people must have faced as stated in the Sioux City Journal. Fikar has stated that he is trying to stay as true to the trail as possible. He began the trip on September 7th, and except for a weeklong break he has been biking south ever since. He is planning to make it to Beatrice, NE before taking the winter off and resuming the trip in the spring. The route runs from Niobrara, NE to Ponca City, Oklahoma. Fikar’s undertaking is 460 miles long.

Attempted Bakery Robber Sentenced

(Sioux City, IA) — A Sioux City man associated with a bakery robbery attempt was convicted on October, the 8th. KMEG. According to Nick Hytrek of the Sioux City Journal, Elim Escobar-Alvira pleaded guilty to second-degree robbery and felon in possession of a firearm in Woodbury County District Court this past Thursday. Elim Escobar-Elvira and another man, Inmar Pineda-Hernandez were arrested in early June by Sioux City Police. Pineda-Hernandez was sentenced to 10 years in prison while Escobar-Alvira was sentenced to 15 years.

Four GOP Candidates Join Hunt

The annual Col. Bud Day Pheasant Hunt hosted by Iowa Congressman Steve King will include four GOP presidential candidates this year.

Senator Ted Cruz, Governor Mike Huckabee, Governor Bobby Jindal, and Senator Rick Santorum will attend the hunt. The hunt is being held October 31 to November 1 in Akron, IA according to The Des Moines Register.

King discusses the impact this event has for Iowa voters. KCAU-TV

Sioux City Native Helps with Motion Picture

Sioux City, IA – Morningside College grad, Leah Winter, is helping a documentary make it to the big screen. According to KTIV,  Finding Noah, which premiered on Thursday, tracks a group of men who traveled through Turkey in search of Noah’s Ark.

in an interview with KCAU, Winter said, “I requested specifically to bring it back to Sioux City so that my friends and family could come and enjoy it with me.”

Winter was promoted to co-producer of the documentary, with over 650 theaters screening the film.

Newell-Fonda Students Help the Hungry

Middle and High school students at Newell-Fonda schools volunteered to help the hungry. Staff and students packed 50,000 meals for those in need according to KTIV.  The event occurred on Wednesday, Oct. 8.

The community provided the supplies for the students to fill the meals.