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Final Stretch for HWY 20

Highway 20 is cruising to final completion of making the highway from two lanes to four lanes.

The highway has finally reached the stretch of 40 miles left to complete. The project has been ongoing since 1958, where it had to take break during the 1990’s. The project resumed in the year of 2000, according to KTIV.

With more than 50 years of work put into this project, as stated in the Sioux City Journal, $300 million of work is left to complete between Moville, IA and Early, IA.

Head-on Collision for Reasons Still Unknown

SIOUX CITY, IA– Sioux City Police, Fire Rescue, and Paramedics were called to a head-on collision Thursday morning at War Eagle Drive where one driver was seriously injured.

Officials say a pickup truck swerved into oncoming traffic for unknown reasons and collided with an elderly woman near Grove Street, as stated from the Sioux City Journal.

The elderly woman was trapped in her car after the accident and was removed by Sioux City Fire Rescue. She some trauma-type injuries and was transported to Mercy Medical Center, reports Siouxland Matters.

The pick-up truck had two passengers and one was taken to Mercy for check-up of injuries.

Conditions are still unknown and authorities are investigating the cause of the accident.

Man Bike Ponca Tribal March

A native of Lincoln, NE has taken it upon himself to follow in the footsteps of the Ponca tribe’s 1877 forced march from Nebraska to Oklahoma. David Fikar said Wednesday that, while his trip has been hard, it hasn’t been nearly as hard as the tribulations the Ponca people must have faced as stated in the Sioux City Journal. Fikar has stated that he is trying to stay as true to the trail as possible. He began the trip on September 7th, and except for a weeklong break he has been biking south ever since. He is planning to make it to Beatrice, NE before taking the winter off and resuming the trip in the spring. The route runs from Niobrara, NE to Ponca City, Oklahoma. Fikar’s undertaking is 460 miles long.

End of a Break-Up

(Odebolt, IA) – A man was found shot in the upper leg on his parent’s kitchen floor late Saturday night in Odebolt, IA

It is being speculated that 29-year-old Mitchell Lee Sorensen was angry from a recent break-up and shot himself in the leg with a shotgun, as according to KCCI.

Authorities have reported that Sorensen entered his parent’s home, took a shotgun and fired one round outside in the air, and then returned back to the kitchen where he shot himself in the leg, as descripted at Siouxland News.

Sorensen was flown to Mercy Hospital in Sioux City, IA as reported by KTIV. Charges are possible for this self-shooting.

Siouxland Missing Statue

(Sioux City, Iowa) – An 18-inch statue that sat between Pierce Street and Nebraska Street has been reported missing since Tuesday according to the Sioux City Journal.

The “Goddess of the Grapes” statue is a permanent sculpture, placed out on the streets of Sioux City, since 2010.

It is unknown how the sculpture was removed from it based and has an estimated worth around 4,000 dollars.  It is guessed that the statue was stolen as a prank or to make some quick cash.