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Pope Francis’s Visit to America

(Sioux City, IA) — Pope Francis made a historic trip the United States this week with stops in Washington, D.C.,  New York City, and Philadelphia. Members of Siouxland took time to listen to what he had to say during his trip.

Briar Cliff students and faculty gathered in to hear the pope speak before congress, “I think it was rather enlightening to see exactly watch he thinks about different American policies and how he feels about how America’s running things and how we act in our daily life,” says Jessica McDonald, junior at Briar Cliff University. KTIV.

“The catholic church feels that not only is it, its right, but also its duties to lend its voice to these serious social, political and ecological issues,” said Briar Cliff University Assistant Professor of Theology Paul Korchin. KCAU.

Pope Francis will return to Rome Sunday evening.


Murder Suicide in Siouxland

KTIV has new details about the investigation of the murder-suicide of a South Dakotan family. KSFY reports that on Thursday, September 17th, a fire burned down the home of the Westerhuis family. Autopsy reports unveiled that the incident was in fact a murder-suicide. Megan Raposa and Jonathan Ellis write in the Argus Leader that Scott Westerhuis was in financial trouble, as he had lost a $4.3 Billon contract with the Mid-Central Educational Cooperative, the business company which he managed. It is not fully determined as to whether or not this was the motivation for the murder-suicide. The entire Platte community mourns the loss of the Westerhuis family.

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Competency Hearing Set for Neunaber

(Plymouth Co.) – A competency hearing has been ordered for the Akron man who is accused of murdering his mother last June, according to the LeMars Daily Sentinel.

Judge Steven J. Andreasen of the District Court ordered a competency hearing for Jonathan Neunaber for the morning of October 16, at 9:30.

Neunaber is being tried for the murder of his mother, Ester Neunaber, after the bodies of her and her husband, Donald Neunaber, were found in their Akron home last June. Testing indicated that Donald died of natural causes, and Ester of blunt force trauma to the head.



Siouxland Missing Statue

(Sioux City, Iowa) – An 18-inch statue that sat between Pierce Street and Nebraska Street has been reported missing since Tuesday according to the Sioux City Journal.

The “Goddess of the Grapes” statue is a permanent sculpture, placed out on the streets of Sioux City, since 2010.

It is unknown how the sculpture was removed from it based and has an estimated worth around 4,000 dollars.  It is guessed that the statue was stolen as a prank or to make some quick cash.

Kasich on Campus

(Sioux City, IA)—Ohio Governor and Presidential candidate John Kasich is speaking at Morningside College at 10 am on Saturday the 26th in UPS Auditorium. He will address a National Security Forum, according to Siouxland News.

The Des Moines Register reports Kasich also plans to visit Council Bluffs the same day. A recent poll by Quinnipiac University has John Kasich with two percent of the national vote. He is ahead of six other candidates who are polling at one percent or lower.

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