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Outbreak of Mumps at University of Iowa

According to the Press-Citizen out of Iowa City, 30 students of UI had been diagnosed with mumps by October. At the time, 50 cases of mumps had been reported in the entire state of Iowa,  as stated by KCGR-TV9. There are now more than 100 students that have been diagnosed with the virus, reports the Gazette.

The University of Iowa requires two doses of the MMR  vaccine, but are now also offering a free booster shot to students, as released on their Student Health and Wellness web page.

The CDC states the most common symptoms of mumps are fever, muscle aches, tiredness, and swollen salivary glands. The virus is spread easily through saliva and mucus, so hygiene is very important.

Newell-Fonda Students Help the Hungry

Middle and High school students at Newell-Fonda schools volunteered to help the hungry. Staff and students packed 50,000 meals for those in need according to KTIV.  The event occurred on Wednesday, Oct. 8.

The community provided the supplies for the students to fill the meals.

USS Sioux City

A new combat ship is due to launch in December and it will be christened the USS Sioux City. According to the Sioux City Journal, the Littoral ship will be first tested and then placed in the Navy’s ranks. It has taken two years of construction and 715 million dollars to complete the Sioux City.

On Monday, the commander and crew of the Sioux City attended the Chamber of Commerce dinner, reported KTIV. They unveiled the ship’s crest, that feature local landmarks like the Floyd Monument as well as the colors of Iowa’s flag.

Kasich on Campus

(Sioux City, IA)—Ohio Governor and Presidential candidate John Kasich is speaking at Morningside College at 10 am on Saturday the 26th in UPS Auditorium. He will address a National Security Forum, according to Siouxland News.

The Des Moines Register reports Kasich also plans to visit Council Bluffs the same day. A recent poll by Quinnipiac University has John Kasich with two percent of the national vote. He is ahead of six other candidates who are polling at one percent or lower.