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Sioux Gateway Airport Supports United Bid

Sioux City, IA – The Sioux Gateway Airport in Sioux City, IA is currently considering a bid from United Airlines for federal funding to be Sioux City’s sole airline.

The Sioux Gateway Airport board of directors is deciding between United Airlines and American Airlines for their one airline airport, according to KTIV.

United airlines has put in a bid significantly lower than American Airlines.¬†United’s bid of $324,159 is nearly $1-million less than the American bid of $1.26-million.

Akron man charged with sexual abuse, child pornography

Akron, IA – An Akron man faces charges of third degree sexual assault and multiple charges of child pornography.

Wilhelm VonHofsteder was arrested last Friday on a warrant following the investigation by the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the Sioux City Journal, a complaint of sexual abuse against a 12-year-old that was filed with the Akron Police Department led to an investigation with the help of the Sheriff’s department.

A search warrant was served to the Akron man on July 13th, and turned up multiple items, including child pornography, this according to KCRG-TV.

According to the Des Moines Register, VonHofsteder is being held on $20,000 bond.

Sioux City Native Helps with Motion Picture

Sioux City, IA – Morningside College grad, Leah Winter, is helping a documentary make it to the big screen. According to KTIV, ¬†Finding Noah, which premiered on Thursday, tracks a group of men who traveled through Turkey in search of Noah’s Ark.

in an interview with KCAU, Winter said, “I requested specifically to bring it back to Sioux City so that my friends and family could come and enjoy it with me.”

Winter was promoted to co-producer of the documentary, with over 650 theaters screening the film.

Counterfeit Money Found in Siouxland

A fake $20 has made it’s way into Siouxland and police are trying to crack down on any more. According to KMEG, a 16-year-old boy tried to use the fake $20 at a convenience store Tuesday night in South Sioux City, but was not arrested.

North Sioux City officials are also warning the community to be on the look out for counterfeits as well. They warn to always take the time to check money and to call police over any suspicious activity.

Competency Hearing Set for Neunaber

(Plymouth Co.) – A competency hearing has been ordered for the Akron man who is accused of murdering his mother last June, according to the LeMars Daily Sentinel.

Judge Steven J. Andreasen of the District Court ordered a competency hearing for Jonathan Neunaber for the morning of October 16, at 9:30.

Neunaber is being tried for the murder of his mother, Ester Neunaber, after the bodies of her and her husband, Donald Neunaber, were found in their Akron home last June. Testing indicated that Donald died of natural causes, and Ester of blunt force trauma to the head.