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“NASA joins forces with alien hunters to search for life beyond our solar system in $100 million project that ‘listens’ for signs of advanced civilizations” ScavengerHunt Article

October 24, 2019 · No Comments

NASA joins alien hunters in multi million dollar project.

100 Million dollars will be put to use to search for signs of life beyond our solar system.

NASA partners with Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETA) to listen for techno signatures and look for anomalies in stellar light curves using NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellites(TESS).

Dr. S. Pete Worden, Executive Director of the Breakthrough Initiatives said, “We’re looking forward to working together as we try to answer one of the most profound questions about our place in the Universe: Are we alone?”

The collected data will be transmitted in multiple ways, including radio waves and propulsion devices.

Along with the exploration of new life, the project will also be able to discover up to 10,000 new planets.

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