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December 4, 2019 · 1 Comment

Profile Subject: Dave Nash

If you were to walk the campus, you’re bound to see a slim man with a smile across his face. That would be Dave Nash, the track and cross country coach of Morningside College. Full of positivity, Nash is always a man that inspires not only his athletes but his students as well through his own actions. He is either headed to the cafe to talk to multiple recruits at once or organizing our workout schedule while ordering hundreds of shirts for family members of athletes. Nash is a man that everyone wants to be around to be put into a good mood. College coaches are viewed as all work and no personal affairs. Surprisingly, Nash is the type of guy to care about his athletes personal lives and checks on them daily to see how they are feeling or just a quick checkup on their schoolwork. Dave Nash is a genuine man who has a heart of gold. 

Mr. Nash is on his 17th year as the Morningside track and cross country coach. Running has been part of his life for as long as he can remember. Hailing from the Des Moines Iowa area, Mr. Nash created a name for himself and his team. He was a talented runner through high school and would be part of successful teams through his four year career. 

As he grew to a senior, he was a well known athlete in his community and was his teams’ leader. His mates looked to him for inspiration, positivity, and motivation before a big race or a hard workout. 

Moving to Sioux City to continue his running career, Mr. Nash was once known as an athlete from Morningside when they were known as the Chiefs. He came to the cross and track team and although was a freshman, had leadership qualities that drew others to him. He was always positive through tough workouts or hardships the team would go through. 

Years later, Mr. Nash is now the head coach of the Morningside Track and Cross team. His natural leadership skills and positivity along with dedication to running brought him to lead two successful teams at a college level. 

Now I add interviews from his athletes and his assistant coach to talk about his personality and how he acts behind closed doors. 

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