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“Hurricane Dorian: Florida Governor Declares State of Emergency” Comment

The article gave insight to a tropical storm that recently grew to a category 3 hurricane through Labor Day weekend. It is expected to hit Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Cuba, and Florida. The president himself declared a state of emergency for the “commonwealth of Puerto Rico ordering the Federal Emergency Management Agency late Tuesday to provide “equipment and resources necessary to alleviate the impacts of the emergency.”” The article ended with a repetition of the countries in a state of emergency and when the storm is expected to hit.

My opinion of the article is that it could have been at least cut in half. It seemed to just repeat the same information of what locations are going to be hit and that they are in a state of emergency. Also you would think that the article would begin with the countries that are in a state of emergency, but it just says wind strength for a couple of countries. I feel that the straight information needs to be said at the beginning, especially if it’s important news that risks peoples lives.

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