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Anecdote Assignment 4

November 26th, 2019 · No Comments

If you were to walk the campus, you’re bound to see a slim man with a smile across his face. That would be Dave Nash, the track and cross country coach of Morningside College. Full of positivity, Nash is always a man that inspires not only his athletes but his students as well. Nash is a man that everyone wants to be around to be put into a good mood. My first time meeting him I was nervous because he could be the type of coach only caring about work and nothing else. Surprisingly, Nash is the type of guy to care about his athletes personal lives and checks on them daily to see how they are feeling or just a quick checkup on their schoolwork. Dave Nash is a genuine man who has a heart of gold. He looks for the best in all he meets and has the determination for them to meet their aspiring potential as people.

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Ball Isn’t Life

November 7th, 2019 · No Comments

He is now a sophomore track star after coming to college on a basketball scholarship.

Mr. Carney grew up revolving around basketball. He would religiously watch basketball and would always be part of camps and travel team basketball until his high school career started. 

Originally, Mr. Carney had the goal of becoming a college basketball star. His father knew the track coach and he was recruited to the track team his freshman year. 

Once his season on the court was over, Mr. Carney made the transition to the track. Although he didn’t have the base that the other members had, he quickly became a standout athlete. 

After participating in multiple events Mr. Carney found a niche for the 800 where he and others made it to both indoor and outdoor nationals in the 4×800 relay. 

After his successful freshman year, Mr. Carney made one of the toughest decisions of his life to quit his dream of becoming a basketball star and live his reality as a track star instead.

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