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quotes and attribution

October 1st, 2009 by klg008

Kacie Gould

Comm 208

Quotes and Attribution


By the end of summer there should be a new sound on the radio airwaves. The band that is responsible for this is ‘Don Juan,’ the band that decided to take a risk by “shucking the robe of responsibility” and following their dreams of becoming musicians. They have overcome struggles to produce their new music.

John Dodge and Don Cooper are a singing/songwriting duo who formed the band Don Juan. The group has gone through many fights and the struggle to finally take the leap into the music business. Cooper said that he “fought it for three years, saying, ‘Well, I love to write songs, and I love to play guitar…but I don’t think I can make a living doing it.’ So I’m going to be an English teacher just in case.”

The group also confesses they fight a lot but still love each other. “That’s the way we work,” says Dodge but the creative tension builds as the group puts together a new song. The group will be recording this spring and will have their new product out by the end of summer.

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