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Pilots distracted by…laptops?

October 27th, 2009 by klg008

This video clip tells the story of two pilots on a flight to the Minneapolis airport but overshoot the landing strip by 150 miles. After some investigating it was discovered that the pilots had been checking the flight schedule on their own personal computers; thus the reason for the plane missing its mark.

I think this story is well done because their are several reporters, the video matches what they are talking about, the shot of the black box let’s viewers see what it is and the reporters let everyone watching know that the black box has record of what happened, in regards to the plane.

The news article I found about the pilots flying past the airport is slightly different from what the video had to say.The article says that the pilots were suspected of falling asleep during the flight which is the reason they overshot the Minneapolis airport. Everything else that the article had to say was the same as the video.

There were claims by flight attendants that the pilots did not respond for a long time, only when they knocked on the cabin door did they finally answer.

As we can see there are different views from the video and the written article. But one reason I think that would be is that the pilots finally came out and said what they were doing. The reason the written article says they possibly were asleep is because it was written before the pilots said they were on the laptops, not sleeping.,2933,569201,00.html

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