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Manhunt continues…

November 18th, 2009 by klg008

Police continue the search for two armed men who say they took hostages at a  Florida T.J. Maxx store.

In Venice, Florida on Tuesday night, police reported that two armed men entered the store while 15 employees were working. All but six of the employees escaped before it became a hostage situation. The standoff lasted for three hours and there were no injuries reported. Although it was reported that the gunmen tied up the hostages and were making demands but those were unclear. The situation was resolved around midinight but as of 2a.m. the police and K-9 unite had no located the men responsible.,2933,575525,00.html

Although I think this story is told really well there is one part that still confuses me. The article says that the two armed men ran away from the store and now the police cannot find them. The article fails to tell how the two men escaped from the store without being noticed by police or any other person.

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