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News Comment #6

I chose to write my news comment on an article from the New York Times titled “Julia Louis-Dreyfus Has Breast Cancer.” This article detailed the fact that Louis-Dreyfus announced her diagnosis on Thursday, September 28th. The actress, a six-time¬†Emmy winner for her role on the show “Veep” stated that there are many women a day that find out they have breast cancer, but today it was her. It does not detail anything about the severity of the cancer itself or the treatment, but that she has a large group of support behind her.

I chose to write about this article because the lede is backed up in the beginning by some quotes from Louis-Dreyfus. The second paragraph ends with a quote from here that says “today, I am the one” that shows that today she was the one diagnosed with cancer. She is accepting her diagnosis and moving forward because it was her and not someone else. Whether the author placed this quote here to show that she is strong, or thankful that it wasn’t someone else, or for some other reason doesn’t matter because the quote itself is so powerful is showing acceptance, and also follows up the lede.

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  1. fuglsang

    Detailed the face? Good use of a short, powerful quote. This was a profound story in a bad week.

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