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Strawberry Sensory Details

He is a Caucasian male that has dark colored brunette hair that forms a spiral in the back of his head and golden-brown eyes. We had been walking from the Caf to class and were talking about how many steps I have to take to his one. He is 5-foot-9-inches and has long legs. He asked to borrow my headphones, I lent them to him, and then he kissed me on the cheek and said “have the most wonderful day” and went to study. He wasn’t wearing any cologne this morning, but he was working on a computer science project and was coding. He planned to continue working on the project in the library. He has a sullen expression a lot of the time unless something makes him excited where he will them smile largely.


A strawberry is a well-known fruit and is eaten often in many places. A strawberry smells very sweet with a hint of tartness, very fresh as if it was just picked off the vine, and fruity. The outside is a deep, dark red dotted by black seeds. Where the seeds have been brushed off by hands or from shipment there are open, vacant spots of a lightish brown color. The interior fades from the inside edge of the exterior red to a light pink. There is a white ring about halfway into the interior that bleeds into the surrounding pink. The core of the strawberry is the same pink that covers the interior on the outside of the white ring. The shape of the entirety is similar to that of a heart drawn by a child, where the bottom forms a rounded point and the top sinks in the middle. The shape is not defined by sharp lines, but rather by rounded, fluid ones. The strawberry is cold to the touch, for both the fingers/hand and the tongue. The outside is rough and bumpy from both the seeds and the absence of the seeds. The interior of the strawberry is smooth and wet to the touch. It is also cold to both the fingers and the tongue. The entire fruit is firm until squished. When squeezed hard enough the fruit becomes mushy. While being squeezed it makes a fluid-like sound similar to water. When bit, the strawberry makes a crunchy sound mostly from biting through the softer exterior to the tougher interior. The first bite through is sweet but continued chewing creates a tarter flavoring. The taste lingers but is not overbearing. The top of the strawberry, where the top sinks in, is where the tartest taste comes from, while the bottom more rounded part is where the sweetness originates. Altogether, the strawberry is a decadent fruit that is enjoyed by many people.

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  1. That use of “but” between not wearing cologne but he was working on coding comfuses me. How are they connected? Show me sullen; waht does he look/sound like when he’s in a mood?

    Good “process” style writing on the strawberry. Almost clinical. An interesting take.

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