Final reflection

May 30, 2014

Final reflection questions:
1) in what ways did you meet or not meet your learning goals for the course?  Give specific examples.
I met two of the three of my learning goals. The first dealt with physical activity, because I did get stronger, more flexible, and I had better balance at the end of the term. The last, and most important, I was not able to meet because I still cannot release tension through meditation. Whenever I was being told to release the tension, I just froze, got bored, more tense, and broke my focus.
2) what did you learn about yourself, your preferences, and your learning style from the course?  Give specified examples.
I learned that I’m not actually open to the reality that yoga is part of the hindu religion. I think its because I view yoga as physical activity. I already knew I learned by being told what to do, like a lecture, but also that seeing something being done, while I’m normally too impatient to wait and watch if I already understand, having that be done in yoga helped me to catch on a lot faster.
3) which practices, if any, will you continue in the future?  Why these? (Or, why none?)
I will continue hatha yoga in my daily morning routine, because I came to the realization that I am a lot calmer and nicer throughout the day when I do practice. However, I will not view hatha yoga for what it is as part of the hindu religion, I will continue to view it as physical activity. Which may be disappointing, but I am being honest. I will not meditate, because I just don’t have the patience yet, maybe I will start while I’m alone and running. But as a parent with a job, and a house to take care of I do not have much alone time. I will try to do the karma yoga, but I don’t think I will every moment I get. Its a great motion but I think I will have to slowly incorporate in more in my life, not just go full out right away. I already do little things for others with good intentions however, I don’t view it as karma. I will keep doing these things and increase what I already do little by little over time but I probably won’t view it as giving myself good karma. I will view it as I did a good thing, today. I will not honor the Hindu gods, because that goes against what I was taught.
Thank you for this amazing experience.

May 29th

May 30, 2014

Today we did four different types of meditation. I did not like any of them. I tolerated the walking one, but it really just made me wanna run. I feel like I lose myself more when I run. Meditation takes a lot of discipline, and its very apparent to me that I do not possess that. I probably won’t try any of the meditation methods again, but I did realize that I sort of get into a meditative state while running, so I’m going to do that more.

May 27th

May 30, 2014

I really enjoyed seeing what other people did to improve their karma. I saw that a lot of people paid for another’s meal. That was a really great idea.

I thought the documentary was very interesting but boring. However, I did enjoy it.

Meditation was a lot easier for me today because we did something physical right before.



May 30, 2014

For the karma assignment during memorial weekend, I had to work the majority of the weekend for long hours, so I decided to do it at work; therefore, I could not take any pictures. So, to improve my good karma I gave free mascara samples to every customer that checked out with me. And for those who sat down with a consultation, I gave an extra free mascara. The intention was to make the customers happy with a freebie.

I also cooked dinner for my soon-to-be in laws, homemade burgers and cookies. I did that because his parents do not have homecooked meals very often and eat out every night or have soup.

I think the karma assignment was a good idea, it made us think about others for a selfless reason. I will probably keep on doing things that increase my karma-not because I want to increase my karma but because I want to help.

May 23rd, 2014

May 23, 2014

No class today, BUT I wanted to let you know that I still did 30 minutes of Hatha yoga. It just makes me feel better in the mornings and happier throughout the day! My flexibility and balance has definitely gotten better. So far, I am SOOO SOOO SOOO happy I decided to take this may term. I think I’m going to talk my best friend, and significant other to start doing yoga with me.

Hot Yoga

May 23, 2014

Hot yoga was seriously the best experience I have had with yoga!! I loved it!! I felt so rejuvenated afterwards, plus I LOVED the peppermint balm. That is definitely something I am going to keep doing. I really like how the instructor came over to adjust some of us or help us stretch better. It was so nice, and after we started doing the Hatha yoga I couldn’t even tell it was hot in there. Best experience so far.

May 21st

May 23, 2014

I really enjoyed viewing others peoples shrines and their take on what to do to build the shrine. I felt like the shrine at the reception’s desk in LH was the best, it just seemed more legitimate and not as makeshift, just thrown together. I thought it was really interesting learning about the other gods and goddesses. However, I am not swayed on the concept. Growing up as a Christian you are taught to only praise one god, and that is our God; but as a got older I began to question a lot more and now I’m an agnostic; but I just don’t think that a God/gods can help you or help change things. Gods do not give me hope, it makes me feel indifferent, as if I could care less.

The more we begin to mediate, the harder is becomes. I think it because we aren’t active right before, and I get really antsy. I feel like if we were to begin with our Hatha yoga, do the other stuff we are supposed to do, then like 15 more minutes of Hatha, and finally mediate, I would be able to focus and release all of my thoughts and just do it. But I am way too antsy or cold or just bored.

May 20th, 2014

May 23, 2014

Reflection over building the shrines: Kieran and I had the shrine for Saraswati. We researched her and found out that she is the Hindu goddess of creativity and knowledge. We also googled what typically goes into a shrine. We found out that they give offering like water, food, and gold. We also found out that they typically wash their statues feet as a way of praise. Building the shrine wasn’t as easy. A lot of the shrines we saw dedicated to Saraswati were very big and elaborate, and typically in a parade. We shopped around target and didn’t find much, the most important thing we probably found was the red tablecloth for like $2. We did spend $13 on other things for the shrine but I felt like the red table cloth made it more legitimate. The rest of our stuff was from our houses/dorms. This exercise did not make me feel uncomfortable because I didn’t view it as me worshipping another god, I viewed this as a project I needed to do for a class to succeed.

May 16th

May 16, 2014

Pranayama breathing reflection:
Teaching – teaching was easy, however, I had troubles doing our Pranayama breathing which was the 3 part breath.

Learning – the other breathing techniques were really easy, and pretty fun. I felt lightheaded and dizzy after a lot of them.

Reflection over Hatha yoga:

Todays hatha yoga that focus on balance was really difficult for me. I do not have a very good sense of balance, so doing the warrior III and the half moons and the reverse half moon was extremely difficult to me.

Yoga & Cancer:

The scientific journal looked at how Yoga benefits cancer patients and survivors. The results were that many people experience a positive psychosocial experience, for instance their anxiety levels, and depression decreased. The well-being did not change, but the limitations are that the lifestyles did not change and the duration was not long enough.

May 15th

May 15, 2014

Reflection on teaching:

Teaching child pose was very easy because it is a relaxation pose. I really enjoyed doing child pose because it gives me a nice stretch in my back; however, I could not get my butt to touch my heels.

Reflection on learning:

Today, most of the poses were quite comfortable for me, except for the really difficult ones.

Reflection over the day:

I was glad we did not mediate because it is really difficult for me to stay still and clear my mind.