Final reflection

May 30, 2014

Final reflection questions:
1) in what ways did you meet or not meet your learning goals for the course?  Give specific examples.
I met two of the three of my learning goals. The first dealt with physical activity, because I did get stronger, more flexible, and I had better balance at the end of the term. The last, and most important, I was not able to meet because I still cannot release tension through meditation. Whenever I was being told to release the tension, I just froze, got bored, more tense, and broke my focus.
2) what did you learn about yourself, your preferences, and your learning style from the course?  Give specified examples.
I learned that I’m not actually open to the reality that yoga is part of the hindu religion. I think its because I view yoga as physical activity. I already knew I learned by being told what to do, like a lecture, but also that seeing something being done, while I’m normally too impatient to wait and watch if I already understand, having that be done in yoga helped me to catch on a lot faster.
3) which practices, if any, will you continue in the future?  Why these? (Or, why none?)
I will continue hatha yoga in my daily morning routine, because I came to the realization that I am a lot calmer and nicer throughout the day when I do practice. However, I will not view hatha yoga for what it is as part of the hindu religion, I will continue to view it as physical activity. Which may be disappointing, but I am being honest. I will not meditate, because I just don’t have the patience yet, maybe I will start while I’m alone and running. But as a parent with a job, and a house to take care of I do not have much alone time. I will try to do the karma yoga, but I don’t think I will every moment I get. Its a great motion but I think I will have to slowly incorporate in more in my life, not just go full out right away. I already do little things for others with good intentions however, I don’t view it as karma. I will keep doing these things and increase what I already do little by little over time but I probably won’t view it as giving myself good karma. I will view it as I did a good thing, today. I will not honor the Hindu gods, because that goes against what I was taught.
Thank you for this amazing experience.

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