May 30, 2014

For the karma assignment during memorial weekend, I had to work the majority of the weekend for long hours, so I decided to do it at work; therefore, I could not take any pictures. So, to improve my good karma I gave free mascara samples to every customer that checked out with me. And for those who sat down with a consultation, I gave an extra free mascara. The intention was to make the customers happy with a freebie.

I also cooked dinner for my soon-to-be in laws, homemade burgers and cookies. I did that because his parents do not have homecooked meals very often and eat out every night or have soup.

I think the karma assignment was a good idea, it made us think about others for a selfless reason. I will probably keep on doing things that increase my karma-not because I want to increase my karma but because I want to help.

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