May 16th

May 16, 2014

Pranayama breathing reflection:
Teaching – teaching was easy, however, I had troubles doing our Pranayama breathing which was the 3 part breath.

Learning – the other breathing techniques were really easy, and pretty fun. I felt lightheaded and dizzy after a lot of them.

Reflection over Hatha yoga:

Todays hatha yoga that focus on balance was really difficult for me. I do not have a very good sense of balance, so doing the warrior III and the half moons and the reverse half moon was extremely difficult to me.

Yoga & Cancer:

The scientific journal looked at how Yoga benefits cancer patients and survivors. The results were that many people experience a positive psychosocial experience, for instance their anxiety levels, and depression decreased. The well-being did not change, but the limitations are that the lifestyles did not change and the duration was not long enough.

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