May 20th, 2014

May 23, 2014

Reflection over building the shrines: Kieran and I had the shrine for Saraswati. We researched her and found out that she is the Hindu goddess of creativity and knowledge. We also googled what typically goes into a shrine. We found out that they give offering like water, food, and gold. We also found out that they typically wash their statues feet as a way of praise. Building the shrine wasn’t as easy. A lot of the shrines we saw dedicated to Saraswati were very big and elaborate, and typically in a parade. We shopped around target and didn’t find much, the most important thing we probably found was the red tablecloth for like $2. We did spend $13 on other things for the shrine but I felt like the red table cloth made it more legitimate. The rest of our stuff was from our houses/dorms. This exercise did not make me feel uncomfortable because I didn’t view it as me worshipping another god, I viewed this as a project I needed to do for a class to succeed.

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