May 21st

May 23, 2014

I really enjoyed viewing others peoples shrines and their take on what to do to build the shrine. I felt like the shrine at the reception’s desk in LH was the best, it just seemed more legitimate and not as makeshift, just thrown together. I thought it was really interesting learning about the other gods and goddesses. However, I am not swayed on the concept. Growing up as a Christian you are taught to only praise one god, and that is our God; but as a got older I began to question a lot more and now I’m an agnostic; but I just don’t think that a God/gods can help you or help change things. Gods do not give me hope, it makes me feel indifferent, as if I could care less.

The more we begin to mediate, the harder is becomes. I think it because we aren’t active right before, and I get really antsy. I feel like if we were to begin with our Hatha yoga, do the other stuff we are supposed to do, then like 15 more minutes of Hatha, and finally mediate, I would be able to focus and release all of my thoughts and just do it. But I am way too antsy or cold or just bored.

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